Sunday, December 06, 2009

Quick Note on Cayman Islands Half Marathon

Did the Cayman Islands Half Marathon this morning, looking at is as a hard effort supported training run.

Came in at 2:00:53 (per results at Had a long break somewhere after mile 12.

I came up on a fellow who'd dropped to a walk, and he was weaving some. I dropped to a walk with him and eventually decided to sit him down rather than accept the injury risk if his leg buckled (though we were close to the finish he was weaving more and showing little peripheral awareness). One runner pledged to send someone back for us, and soon Coach Jerry Harper showed up on his scooter. Coach went off to get us more support. A volunteer equipped with a radio arrived and called in. Next to arrive was a police car, and the officer was set to get the fellow to the nearby hospital (although not all that much further back of his car I did see an ambulance coming our way). With the fellow in good hands I went off to finish my run. I was hanging around after the finish when the police officer stopped by to report to the event organizers, so I was able to get the assurance that the fellow was on an IV drip at the hospital with no known serious complications.

A good run (average heart rate 175) with the local peeps, great support from the volunteers, and I even got to help with keeping it a safe and friendly event (yea me). My thanks to the organizers, sponsors, and volunteers!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Luggage Retrieved, Registration Completed

Yesterday I retrieved my wayward checked baggage from the airport and completed my registration for the Cayman Islands Half Marathon to be held Sunday December 6th.

When I was at the airport I saw Coach Jerry Harper waiting to greet one of the arriving marathoners. I am amused that this could be a tradition: last year my checked baggage also went astray when I returned from U.S. Thanksgiving travels, and Coach was there when I went to retrieve them that time.

I had hoped that returning on Monday instead of Sunday would have had my checked baggage making it onto the same airplane as me. Fail. I suppose avoiding Miami on my return leg is a better plan.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Links from the Local Big Show

The local big show is the Cayman Islands Triathlon, sponsored by Scott's Equipment.

Congratulations to the participants, and thanks to the volunteers and sponsors!

Here is a write-up
Here are some slideshows (bottom of the page)
Here are some more pix

Hat tip to my sister Wendy for the article link, which was waiting for me in my e-mail inbox. (I'm back in the office after my travels, and am hopeful that my checked baggage will soon join me!)