Thursday, August 30, 2007

Comments and Elaboration

About yesterday's post on the Canadian Iron Distance Triathlon 2005, I have two comments and then some elaboration (joining together, that's colaboration [sic]).


First, I'll never again have those conditions for an iron-distance tri. Dead flat, little wind, and not too hot or cold. That's one reason that I do assign some value to the Mdot distinction - we know something about those courses and those days.

Second, the swim was parallel to the shore, out-and-back - no advantage from a current. Two years ago in an uncrowded swim with little drafting I posted a 1:14:52 swim time without coming anywhere near blowing up. That's some context for just how unhappy I was during, and afterward about, my IMAZ swim.


I only committed to doing the iron-distance four weeks before the event - they ran a half-iron there that day too. After Florida HalfIronman 2005 in late May (old report here) I trained for iron-distance but gave myself room to back off - and as I told a friend, I wasn't sure I needed a day like that. I delayed choosing the distance until I'd done a six-hour ride, and then I pulled the registration trigger.

One nice little aspect of the event was that a couple of Toronto tri peeps were there. Seanna had earned her Kona slot at Florida HalfIronman 2005, and was doing the half-iron as part of her training. Her husband Rob (dubbed "Cap'n" of that Toronto tri gang) was along in support (he'd done IMUSA 2005 in 10:45). Seanna said hi as she passed me on the bike course and Rob cheered for me at the end of bike loops. After her race they wished me well as I was in T2; they went to their car, I went to grind out a marathon.

I used the event as the anchor of a trip to Ottawa. I stayed with my parents, got to see my sister, and the day after the event was able to meet up with a good number of friends (with logistical support from my sister). A week later I had my work permit approval for Cayman, and logistics for moving suddenly spun-up. As we'd expected, it had been a farewell trip.


Blogger Wendy said...


8/30/2007 07:14:00 am  
Blogger Jenny Davidson said...

'Sic' joke!

8/30/2007 09:30:00 am  
Blogger ShirleyPerly said...

Still, very impressive!

8/30/2007 02:28:00 pm  
Blogger Bigun said...

still....shows great fitness to be able to decide so late in the game and just "do it".

8/31/2007 06:12:00 am  

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