Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Week That Was

Travel edition.


British Airways 252 flight - departed Saturday at 18:30h from GCM, stopped for refueling and additional passengers in Nassau, continued to LHR (Heathrow), arrived on Sunday approx. 11:40h. About an hour's taxi ride to the hotel (Premier Inn, London County Hall - a half block from the London Eye) - on advice of cabbie routed on the south side of the Thames to avoid the crowds of the Chelsea home game.


Walked across Westminster Bridge, past statue of Boadicea (fond memory of 9th grade Latin teacher Mrs. Lloyd saying that she shed a little tear looking at that statue), Parliament, Big Ben, and Imperial War Museum. Wandered through St. James Park. In returning, looped around the front of Buckingham Palace, then passed Guards Museum (paused to watch part of the pageantry). In the afternoon saw _Star Trek: Into Darkness_ at Odeon BFI IMAX (largest screen in Britain, officially opened by Prince Charles - I suppose it was in his old neighbourhood).


From Waterloo Station took Northern Line to Euston, then London Midlands train to Bletchley. Toured Bletchley Park.


0.5hr. run (zone 1 on RPE)
Thames Clipper service to Greenwich. Saw H4 (et al.) at Royal Observatory. Stood straddling the Prime Meridian. Also went into National Maritime Museum.


Upper body (+ minor legs) weights


0.5hr. run (zone 1 on RPE)

Saw couple after their wedding on steps of Chelsea Registry Office. Reception at Chelsea Arts Club. Watched couple proceed on camels along King's Road to Petyt Hall for evening party. Outside hall camels took to trying to munch greenery on trellises (with some success).


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