Monday, February 13, 2012

The Week That Was

Tuesday: upper body weights
Wednesday: 1.0hr. run (zone 2)
Saturday: 0.67hr. run (zone 2)
Sunday: upper body weights

I gather that doing the upper body weights on Tuesday came at significant cost to recovery. Wednesday it was clear to me that I was more deeply in recovery debt than I had been the previous Wednesday.

Sunday morning I volunteered at the CayKids Triathlon - a safe successful event with over 200 kids participating.


Blogger Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

I'm surprised upper body takes such a toll on recovery before your runs! I guess if you are doing it right, it should!

2/13/2012 04:59:00 pm  
Blogger Brent Buckner said...

In this case it did because I was in systemic recovery debt from events in the preceding 10 days but my upper body was fresh and so capable of a harder than usual workout.

With more upper body muscle, I suspect that on average men can more readily impose systemic recovery costs (e.g. via hormonal responses) from upper body resistance exercise than can women.

2/14/2012 10:04:00 am  

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