Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Performance Notes: Stride Against Cancer 2012

Nutrition & Hydration:
For a 6am start I had breakfast at 3:30am - cup of green tea, 16oz. of low fat chocolate milk, and 20oz. of water with a salt tab. I took a gel approximately 10 minutes before event start. I took Gatorade at almost all of the aid stations - late in the run I took water at a couple, in part to pour some over my head. Nutrition seemed fine; in retrospect might have tried to take in a bit more fluid, but wasn't markedly under-hydrated.

Heart rate was elevated pre-event; I gather that was primarily psychological arousal. By the second mile marker I was settled in at about 8:20/mile pace on the basis of RPE - my heart rate was not a reasonable basis. At the turnaround I bumped up to about 8:07/mile pace on the basis of RPE. When I hit the last quarter of the course RPE was saying zone 5a and heart rate monitor was saying well into zone 5b, so I held around 8:07/mile to the finish. Those numbers don't quite add up to my finish time, but that's what I was seeing when I looked.

13 seconds per mile is a noticeable negative split and I wasn't totally blown out at the finish line. A good effort; maybe there was a slightly faster time available to me, but not significantly faster - heck, I'd even had a haircut on Friday. Mainly I didn't care to suffer for a marginal time improvement, but I also didn't want to risk compromising next week's relay. I made a time good enough for my corral assignment purpose if called upon.

Looking ahead:
I've put the overall time into running calculators to get a supposed equivalent effort pace for a four mile effort, but then I've goosed it a bit; I expect to look for a 7:30/mile pace at Sunday's relay (depending upon conditions).

Conditions: yesterday was predicting the following conditions:
Time / Actual Temp / Feels Like / Humidity / Wind (from/speed)
6am / 75F / 75F / 87% / ENE 5mph
7am / 75F / 75F / 87% / ENE 4mph
8am / 76F / 76F / 84% / ENE 5mph
(Sunrise: 7:01am)
That seems in line with how it felt before the start and after finishing.


Blogger Jenny Davidson said...

You cut your hair to reduce drag! Hmmm, that high humidity _is_ a drag...

2/01/2012 08:28:00 am  
Blogger Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

The density of humid air is higher than the density of dry air, which means it does indeed exert more drag on a body :-)

2/01/2012 02:25:00 pm  

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