Thursday, July 29, 2010

"So, I got that goin' for me, which is nice"

I have now had a "baseline cardiac evaluation" done by a respected cardiologist, complete with nuclear stress test. Bottom line of the report: "REASSURANCE GIVEN."

I have as much clearance for "pedal to the metal" exercise as anyone; looking forward to making some use of that.


Blogger Spokane Al said...

Well, that is some good news.

7/29/2010 04:44:00 pm  
Blogger Bill said...

That's some wonderful news!

7/29/2010 05:18:00 pm  
Blogger Jenny Davidson said...


7/29/2010 05:39:00 pm  
Anonymous Agata Kozlowska said...

That is great news Brent! Now, how are you going to use this info in your training?

7/29/2010 06:34:00 pm  
Blogger IronLinae, PhD said...

Great news! Nothing like the medical seal of approval to get the athletic spirit moving! My mom is in the middle of a similar evaluation after the loss of her sister. So far so good for her.

7/29/2010 06:50:00 pm  
Blogger larry said...

Chocks away and down the runway with you!

7/29/2010 07:13:00 pm  
Blogger Duane said...


7/29/2010 08:11:00 pm  
Blogger Iain said...

Good news!

7/29/2010 09:06:00 pm  
Blogger Deb said...

That's a relief!

7/30/2010 05:16:00 am  
Blogger Lily on the Road said...

Thanks for having the tests done!

7/30/2010 09:41:00 am  
Blogger IronHoosier said...

Thanks goodness you got that checked!

7/30/2010 02:02:00 pm  

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