Monday, April 28, 2008

The Week That Was

Saturday: 0.67hr. treadmill run (zone 2)
Sunday: 3.0hr. stationary trainer ride (zone 2)

During Saturday's run tendons on outside of shins let me know that they've tightened up. This morning, lower back muscles let me know in the wake of Sunday that they've lost some endurance.

Figure I'll survive Florida 70.3, but mostly looking forward to training for fall marathon with stretch time goal.


Blogger Danielle in Iowa said...

I hate it when those shin muscles clamp up! I've been having a touch of that lately. Fortunately I just have a 5k, not a half-mary at the end of my next tri ;-)

4/28/2008 10:26:00 am  
Blogger Jenny Davidson said...

The human body has a number of significant design flaws! The below-the-knee stuff is mildly vexing in all sorts of ways...

4/28/2008 11:09:00 am  
Blogger Bill said...

I've got to agree with Jenny.

That shin muscle is my nemesis. It leads to what I call my "flat tire", since it pretty much destroys any motion and my foot slaps the ground like a flat chunk of meat. And I never know when it's going to appear and how long it will last. It's a bastard, I tell you. A BASTARD!

4/28/2008 07:44:00 pm  
Blogger Wendy said...

Evil shins. And don't get me started on backs ...

Surviving is good, though!!

4/29/2008 03:53:00 am  
Blogger ShirleyPerly said...

Glad to see some workouts this week but sorry to hear about the shin. Hope the uneven running surface at FL 70.3 won't aggravate them too much more.

4/29/2008 07:14:00 am  
Blogger Coach Tammy said...

Hey, don't forget your fall 70.3 in Austin!! :)

5/05/2008 08:08:00 pm  

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