Sunday, September 09, 2007

We Happy Few

Best wishes to everyone in the IMMoo field for making the most of your respective day - whether it's about a medal, mettle, or metal.

My thanks to the volunteers, spectators, sponsors, and organizers for making this event.

And thanks to you folks for reading and for your supportive comments.


Blogger Wil said...

See you on the line!!! :) Have an awesome day out there!

9/09/2007 04:23:00 am  
Blogger Jenny Davidson said...

I am glad everyone brought their computers--indispensable triathlon-related accessory...

have a great day, everyone who's racing & not!

9/09/2007 10:22:00 am  
Blogger the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

wow - you're on the run and looking really good - go Brent!

9/09/2007 04:10:00 pm  
Blogger stronger said...

dude- you're running....!

9/09/2007 04:26:00 pm  
Blogger TriFeist said...

Great job on the swim. Your bike time is strong for that course. I'll be watching your run progress.

GO GO GO!!!!!

9/09/2007 04:35:00 pm  
Blogger S. Baboo said...

Go Brent Go!

9/09/2007 05:07:00 pm  
Blogger ShirleyPerly said...

Great job so far, Brent! run, Run, RUN!!!

9/09/2007 05:29:00 pm  
Blogger Coach Tammy said...

Go Brent Go!!!! :)

9/09/2007 08:38:00 pm  
Blogger stronger said...

Congrats! Just watched you cross the finish!!!!!

9/09/2007 09:19:00 pm  
Blogger the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Woo hoo! Good job! Iron man-man!

9/09/2007 09:38:00 pm  
Blogger ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on a great race!!!

9/09/2007 09:50:00 pm  
Blogger Bill said...


Congratulations, Brent. Wonderful results and a strong finish.

9/09/2007 10:00:00 pm  
Blogger Cliff Tam said...


Congrats..u are an ironman :)...

9/10/2007 03:54:00 am  

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