Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Wanderer

Presently in Sheboygan WI visiting friend from MBA days and his family. About to depart for Naperville IL to visit friend from pre-MBA work days and family. Friday will go to Chicago IL for long weekend, to be joined by 2 friends from MBA days (one with spouse) and a friend from post-MBA days.

Hence, no race report for some time.

On the upside, you can read my sister's account of the couple of days prior to the event and the post-event turmoil. Having waited long enough, I don't have to write those posts, I can just link to hers.

It's not procrastination, it's
The Incredible Just-In-Time Workload Management System(tm)!


Blogger Wendy said...

TIJITWMS strikes again! (I'm glad at least my reports are up to snuff.)

Enjoy the rest of your US Tour! ;-)

9/13/2007 11:08:00 am  
Blogger Jenny Davidson said...

It is a cunning plan! Enjoy travels...

9/13/2007 11:25:00 am  
Blogger Fe-lady said...

We will still be waiting for your account of the matter how long it takes! Hope you are having a great time with your old buds...

9/13/2007 03:01:00 pm  
Blogger ShirleyPerly said...

Enjoy your time visiting friends. We're still holding you to a race report though ;-)

9/13/2007 04:07:00 pm  
Blogger Tony said...

Enjoy the vacation while it lasts, because when you return home I expect a race report.

Keep up the great work.

9/14/2007 02:30:00 am  
Blogger Andra Sue said...'re a smart one. Hee hee. :)

9/16/2007 12:16:00 pm  

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