Monday, October 09, 2006

Travel Bit: There and Back Again

In part spurred by Roman's recent post, it seems time for me to blague about Prog - whoops, blog about Prague. But first, some background.

When I got back from this whole Berlin marathon tour, a friend asked "How was travelling around Europe with [JK]? Is it much like we would expect?"

Oh yeah. It was.

For one thing, JK has over six million frequent flyer miles. And it's not as though he's hoarding them - that's just what he hasn't managed to use. Do you know how one collects that many? I don't myself, really, but it seems to involve spending about as much time in the air going places as being on the ground *in* those places.

My travel itinerary for the Berlin marathon went like this:
Sep. 20: depart Grand Cayman for Baltimore
Sep. 21: join JK in Baltimore, depart Baltimore for Berlin
Sep. 22: arrive Berlin
Sep. 24: depart Berlin for Prague
Sep. 27: depart Prague for Stuttgart
Sep. 28: depart Stuttgart for Munich
Sep. 30: depart Munich for Baltimore, part company with JK in Baltimore
Oct. 01: depart Baltimore for Grand Cayman

FYI, JK got on a plane for Tokyo on October 2nd, attended a 4 hour meeting, and then got on a plane to get back to Baltimore; his eldest daughter's wedding was October 7th, and he really had to get back to at least try on his tux....

Maybe you're getting the picture. I was being pulled along in one heck of a slipstream!


Blogger Wendy said...

Vortex. It's the Johnny Kamauff travel vortex!

Great RaceAthlete post, btw.

10/10/2006 06:05:00 pm  

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