Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Travel Bit: Munich (Part II)

We got a late start on Friday September 29th. I did not have a post-Oktoberfest hangover, and had no unexplained bruising - while I did have a bruise, I remembered its origin!

Although breakfast may have been cautious, by afternoon my friend JK and I were back at it. First we went to a nearby hotel lounge to meet up with a friend of JK's who works for the Walt Disney Company (in marketing with the Parks division). A few more Disney folks joined the agglomeration to make a total of six of us, and we all headed off to the Weisses Brauhaus (Tal). The Disney folks had been in a meeting that morning, even though they too had been at Oktoberfest the night before. Neither fact slowed them down.

The Disney folks were an interesting bunch. Aside from JK's friend, they were in the Imagineering group; all were California-based. We spent most of our day with them, as we were invited along to join their larger group's dinner function at the Brenner Grill restaurant. That had us sitting with more Disney folks, and a couple of other corporate folks from the meeting. I was seated between the Chief Information Officer of Walt Disney World Co. and a Chief Financial Officer in Imagineering (although a lot of the CFO's work sounded like project management).

After dinner we were back down to the same six of us who'd been at Weisses Brauhaus. We stuck mainly to the bar section of the Brenner Grill, which seemed a pretty active place. Lots of stories were told, but there was a clear winner in that department - Chris Carradine. He's chief designer for Imagineering, and the black sheep of his family for going into architecture and not the family business of acting (father: John; mother: Sonia Sorel; brothers: David, Robert; half-brother: Keith; adoptive brother: Bruce).

It was an entertaining night, and it left me even more impressed with the House of Mouse. Eventually we left for one last beer, only to find the Hofbrauhaus already closed. We wound things down and headed off to our various hotels.

The next day (Saturday September 30th) JK and I made one last use of a hotel perk - a significant amount off lunch at the Mandarin Oriental, through the AmEx program. Although we weren't dressed for it, lunch was in substance a fine dining experience, with a seemingly endless parade of different waiting staff. After that we hurried to the airport for our flight to Washington (Dulles), where we went our separate ways.

The whole week-and-a-half was a grand time: top notch!

Special thanks to JK for arranging logistics.


Blogger Wendy said...

Thanks for the travelogue!!

People remember where they got their bruises? Huh.

10/18/2006 07:38:00 am  
Blogger Brent Buckner said...

You're welcome for the travelogue - thanks for following along and commenting!

10/18/2006 09:25:00 am  

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